Can they provide an enduring competitive advantage to consumer fintech companies?
Nubank, Ualá and others building path to LatAm customer
Revolut is shipping products and launching in new countries at a breakneck pace. Will it be a paradigm shifting company?
Plus: How customers use CashApp and financial results
In Russia, everyone is building ecosystems - Tinkoff, Yandex, Sber, and many more. But Tinkoff is a great bank and perhaps it should stay as…
CashApp is a part of Square, a $100b company founded by Jack Dorsey. I provide breakdown of CashApp's business model and economics.
We leave ££ millions on unused store cards, gift cards, bank accounts and Oyster cards
Banking apps for young people collectively raised over $350 million in recent months. I am looking at their strategies.
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