Can they provide an enduring competitive advantage to consumer fintech companies?

September 2021

Nubank, Ualá and others building path to LatAm customer

May 2021

Revolut is shipping products and launching in new countries at a breakneck pace. Will it be a paradigm shifting company?

March 2021

Plus: How customers use CashApp and financial results

February 2021

In Russia, everyone is building ecosystems - Tinkoff, Yandex, Sber, and many more. But Tinkoff is a great bank and perhaps it should stay as…

January 2021

CashApp is a part of Square, a $100b company founded by Jack Dorsey. I provide breakdown of CashApp's business model and economics.

December 2020

We leave ££ millions on unused store cards, gift cards, bank accounts and Oyster cards
Banking apps for young people collectively raised over $350 million in recent months. I am looking at their strategies.
There are two types of digital banks: bottom-up and top-down.

November 2020

TransferWise proved that fintechs can be profitable. Along the way it didn’t shy away from pivoting. I think its transitioning from B2C to B2B and it…
Stripe is building the internet infrastructure. Paul Graham thinks it's the next Google. Should it become a bank?
A profile on - a bank turned technology company that IPO’d in London last month raising over $1 billion and becoming the largest listing out of…